Disciplinary Appeal Letter

By | February 13, 2014


Mr. Robert Heike,

HR Manager,

Welfare Tech,

#41, Hobart Street,


Date: 4th December 2010

Sub: Disciplinary Appeal Letter

Respected Mr. Heike,

I am hereby writing this letter to appeal against the disciplinary action taken by the organization against me vide disciplinary action letter no AE-11 dated 25th November 2010. During the times when the project experienced rough periods, I have extended my knowledge even in areas unknown to me by helping the fellow peers. The research done by the team including me has proved valuable to the organization in which the client has appreciated my effort.

I agree to the complaints raised against me. But the issues are quite minor and I feel that they can be sorted out internally. I request you to withdraw the disciplinary action of suspension charged on me. I do hold high regard for the organization and to my fellow employees as well. I am on the way of anger management and in the aim of minimizing the usage of slang which would hurt the sentiments of the other employees. It would prove as an encouragement for me if all the charges are withdrawn. It will help me in quicker goal achievement both professionally and personally. Hence, another chance to show myself as a better human.

I sincerely appeal to take back the disciplinary action against me and allow me to pursue my career at the organization. I shall prove to be better than before in achieving the organizational goals. Kindly consider my appeal and do the needful.


Jim K,

Welfare Tech,