Business Appeal Letter

By | May 23, 2014


Mr. Jake Henson

Chief Executive Officer

Marion Enterprises Pvt. Ltd

North Michigan

United States of America.

7th March, 2014

Subject: Appeal for the loss in the business transaction.

Respected Mr. Henson

Sir, I am writing this letter on behalf of Henry Enterprises Ltd in regards to a business deal made between our organisation and yours. The said deal was signed into a contract on the 25th of January 2014. The deal called for Marion Enterprises to supply us with raw material for our clothing manufacturing segment.

The contract stated the deadline for the supply of the material as- 25th February 2014, but the firm failed to supply the raw material as a result of which we have failed to complete our manufacturing orders to our retailers. The contract terms stated that in case of failure of supply, the supplier is bound to pay penalty to the buyer. Since Marion Enterprises failed to complete the supply order even after repeated reminders, we have no other option but to appeal for penalty fulfilment. We are seeking penalty to be paid for the same amount of penalty as due on our part to our retailers plus goodwill damages.

We would like to discuss this matter further with you or the head of the supply team as suitable to your organisation. We have enclosed a copy of the contract, supply order from Marion enterprises, and the supply order due to our retailers. Please have your team look at it and contact us to fix a meeting regarding the same.


Ms. Kathleen Henderson

Senior Manager, Henry Enterprises

Contact: 3877197