Mr. George Fernandez

The Regional Head,

Forbes Associates,

#58, Mortenson Avenue,

Salinas Street,

London, CA 93903

17th  January 2013

Subject: Authorization appeal letter

Respected Sir,

A letter has been sent by me on the 15th of this month stating that I am authorizing Mr. Jacob Matthew as my representative regarding all my financial transaction on my behalf.  It was brought to my notice that the above authorization was denied on the 21st stating only the concerned person must be present for all the transactions.

I would like to inform you that the person authorized by me is my brother and I have currently met with an accident and as per the doctor’s advice, I am not in a position to travel.

I understand that there are al lot of rules and regulations which need to be adhered for all these financial transactions and your decision is based on the same, however please find enclosed my medical reports and also the proof that the authorized person is my brother, and accept my authorization as I am currently in a very bad situation.

Thank you for your cooperation.  I am looking forward for your help which is very much needed in the current situation.


Margaret Matthew