Cecilia Markson,

Senior Manager,

White Flag Car Insurance Company,

123, Putney Bridge Road,

London 58934

Date: 18th December 2012

Sub: Appeal Letter for Car Insurance

Dear Miss Markson,

This letter is written in response to the letter that I received from White Flag Car Insurance Company stating the denial to grant me car insurance coverage costs for the damages incurred due to a car accident. Through this letter, I wish to appeal to the company to kindly reconsider my request and grant me the insurance cost as I believe that I am entitled to it. The policy that I had selected goes by the number -34/J.

According to White Flag Car Insurance Company, my vehicle- Honda Civic A-z hasn’t incurred enough damages to be granted full repair cost coverage but I would like to argue this on the basis of certain repair analysis documents that I am enclosing along with this letter. The front glass has been completed damaged and the front left side car door too has been severely scratched and dented. My car has gone for repair work at the official Honda Repair station and even they believe that I am entitled to full repair cost reimbursement. I am also enclosing documents to prove the same.

As an old client, I would like you to look into the matter again and come to a fair conclusion. If you need to discuss any details, please feel free to contact me at the below mentioned contact number.

Awaiting your response,


James Anderson

Contact number: 40294843