Mr. Jaden Parker

Senior Head HR department

RSA Technologies

7-l, Tenth floor

David square


25th April 2012

Subject: Annual Appeal letter for a social cause

Dear Jaden,

I am so glad to be able to inform you that your company’s contribution last year for the children suffering with Aids has made a very huge difference. We were able to provide medical treatment, food, books and a lot of other basic amenities for around fifty children with your contribution. We are grateful for your support and have enclosed a detailed report of each child along with their photos. Also enclosed is a thank you card on behalf of both our charity organization and the children.

Last year we were able to reach around five hundred children annually with all the donations received. Trusting that we can rely on the support of your organization and other similar companies, we have extended our plans this year. This year we have decided to reach out to one thousand children and we are sure that it would not be possible without your encouragement and contribution.

We request you to help us in this endeavor and extend our gratefulness for all your previous help and request your continuous support and encouragement.


Leonard Parker

Angel Charity Organization.