Steffi Williams

13/B-II, Everest Heights

San Francisco, USA

Date: 22nd April, 2014

My dear Aunt,

I have no idea of how to apologize for the horrible mistake I committed the last day. I know I have hurt you beyond repair and I really wish I could take back those words that escaped my mouth and actions that came along with. I have always loved you and respected you and you really do know that very well. I really hope that you forgive me and forget this as my stupidity.

I still cannot believe it was me who behaved this badly. It is honestly beyond my understanding as to what befell me that day that I came up with such nonsense remarks and humiliated you. I don’t even want to explain myself, for I really want you to punish me for this heinous deed I committed.

I know you haven’t told my parents about the entire episode only to save me of the punishment, and I am really very grateful for that. However, since I have committed something that can be well said to be crime, I think I should inform my parents and face the music. I am ready for any sort of punishment you deem perfect or anything my parents think of. I am really eager to make up for this incident and the misbehavior that I committed. Please do punish me, scold me, or do whatever you want, but please forgive me for this last time. I am really very sorry aunty.

Yours sincerely,