Miss Julia Fredrick

36/M-II, Ibiza Apartments

Palm Avenue, Washington


Date: 23rd April, 2014

Sub: Medical Apology Letter

Dear Miss Fredrick,

We are really sorry to inform you that your appointment with Dr. Wilson this coming Friday [25th April, 2014] needs to be postponed a day, that is, it will be shifted to 26th April, 2014, Saturday, 12:30 pm. We appreciate your long association with our health service unit as you have always been a patient client and trusted our services.

Since you have always had your health-checkups at our Good Health Hospital and contacted us for medical emergencies, we really hope you would understand this situation. This time it has been really unfortunate for Dr. Wilson as he had to leave for a few days due to his father’s illness. He was supposed to be returning Thursday night [24th April], but due to certain complications he had to postpone it by a day. We thought it would be best to inform you the very moment, so that you can reschedule your plans accordingly. We understand you must have had to cancel your official ventures for the Friday appointment and we are really very sorry for the same, but we really hope you would comprehend our limitations and forgive us for the mismanagement. We assure you of better service in future and also sincerely apologize for this incident where we failed to live up to your expectations.

We understand your busy schedule and are really very sorry for the inconvenience caused. Wish you and your family good health.


San Rogers

CEO, Good Health Hospital