Miss Cecelia Mathews

Maths Teacher,

St. Xavier’s School

Redding road, Birmingham,

United Kingdom

Date: 10th April 2014

Subject: apology letter to seek forgiveness

Respected Miss Mathews

I, Jacob Brown am writing this letter to you to say sorry and apologize for my misbehavior in class the other day. Ma’am I have utmost respect for you and the school and what happened that day was just a group activity, in which I was involved, but not intentionally and not by choice. I hope that after reading this letter, you will be able to forgive me as I promise never to repeat the mistake again.

That day, some students decided to start a mass bunk and tried convincing the other students to help them do so. I and my friends were not up for the idea but since almost 90% of the class was ready, we thought of agreeing with them.  Unfortunately, we were caught and that gave you the impression that I, being the Prefect was the one who started the mass bunk. I realize my mistake ma’am but I have no intention of going against the school authorities or you. Please give me another chance and I will prove to be a sincere student and a perfect class leader.

I also apologize on behalf of the entire tenth grade and request you to forgive us all just once. We all are really sorry from the bottom of our hearts.

Waiting for your forgiveness,


Jacob Brown and all students of 10th Grade