Dear Selena,

I would like to apologize to you genuinely for the horrible blunder that happened on my part. I really don’t know how to convince you to believe that I honestly find myself to be at fault and that is why I want to apologize for the mistake. I have no idea what befell me that very moment when I doubted a friend as true as you. Please forgive me for all the wrongdoings and the words that I shot at you without thinking for once how much it could hurt you. I seriously did not mean any of the dirty things, all I said was out of some fit of anger that took over me due to that incident.

I clearly remember you being with me throughout the party, yet I somehow doubted you of having taken my phone. Trust me, somewhere at the back of my mind I was very sure that you could not just do that ever; but I was out of my senses then when I could not find the phone around me. Later when I found somebody else to be the mastermind, I was more ashamed than angry. I was ashamed for I had suspected my best friend. I wish I could rewind the entire episode and change the climax in a way that we recognize the culprit there itself and I can apologize to you in public, which I will surely do the very next time we get together.

I hope you still believe me and in our friendship. I am really very sorry for my misbehavior. Please forgive me for the last time.

Yours truly,