Jason Phillips

HR Executive

HR Department

G.S Group of Companies, London

London, UK

Date: 22.04.2014

Sub: Apology for schedule mismanagement

Dear Jason,

I would like to honestly apologize for the mistake that occurred on my part regarding approving your leave application. I understand you needed the leave genuinely, for you are a very professional person and I have always had pleasant working experience with you; but the matter completely went out of my mind due to certain unavoidable circumstances. As you must have known by now, I was going through a rough phase in my personal life and had to devote a lot of time for my family members. I hope you will understand my obligations for my family and it was due to this reason that I had to leave station urgently.

Since I was out of station, I could not keep a tab of all the events and hence the error occurred. It completely slipped my mind that you had asked for a leave, and I realized it only when I got back here today morning. I am really sorry for the problems you had to face due to my mistake and so I considered apologizing to you at the earliest. To make up for the trouble caused, I would like to grant you with a three-day leave as per your wish. You may conveniently make use of this leave, and I really hope these three days’ leave would be of the much required help to you.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused due to the same.


Mark Peterson

Senior Manager

HR Department

G.S Group of Companies, London