Mr. William Bing

Marketing manager

Jackson and Mathews Inc.


Date: 23rd April 2014

Subject: apologizing for my mistake

Respected Boss

I, Lewis Stanley, the marketing executive at Jackson and Mathews Inc. am writing this letter to you to apologize for my mistake that cost us the marketing project. Sir, I realize that my way of handling matters was not correct and due to this, we had to let go a very important project. I wish to say sorry to you and hope that you will give me another chance to prove myself.

My meetings with the project head at Pearson limited were going smooth until their representative found a loophole in our presentation. Instead of accepting my mistake, I tried to cover it up by saying a few minor lies. I know that this wasn’t the best of decisions and actions on my part and I should have behaved more responsibly. Due to those minor lies, our credibility was doubted and our market reputation also suffered. I know that you have full right to dismiss me but all I want is one more chance. I promise to get a marketing project within the coming 2 weeks to make up for what I did.

Sir, I am an honest employee with good track record. I have always been punctual, hardworking and very dedicated. Due to an error in judgment, I do not wish to lose the career that I have built with sincerity over the last 5 years and hope you will take the right decision.

Apologizing once again

Lewis Stanley

Marketing Executive

Jackson and Mathews Inc