Writing Announcement Letter

By | March 24, 2015

Writing announcement letter is a letter intended to announce to someone or to a group of people about an event or a message you want to broadcast to public. It must be direct and straight to the point, announcement letters can be in different forms with different contents, that’s why you must know what result you want to tell to the messenger him or herself; here is a sample:


Mrs. Marie Curie

Head Physicist

Paris University

Paris 234 Italy

Dated: March 2, 2015

Subject: For Awarding of the Nobel Physics prize 2015

Dear Mrs. Curie,

We at the Nobel Prize body had come to the decision that out of the ten nominees for the category of this year’s Nobel Physics which is to award the people or association that has passion and dedication to discovering and innovating new things that will benefit humankind and other faunas; you and your team has been chosen to receive the award on your research on magnetism and creation of levitating hover board which was used now in some factories and other research facilities. With this award you will also receive an amount of £ 500,000 as additional fund at your research team.

We hope that this award will push you and your team to strive more at your work; it will not just make a change in this day for the fruits of your hardships but the future itself.


Nobel Prize committee