Wedding Announcement Letter

By | March 24, 2015

A wedding announcement  letter is an invitation to a person to witness the holy matrimony of a couple; the person invited can be one of the special guests in the church wedding or in the event hall. It is usually written in an artistic way and bedazzled with designs to make it more glamorous like the wedding itself; indicates the place and time of the occasion, the needed attire and items for the wedding.


Mr. John Kennedy

President of the Cabinet

Magnolia Enterprise and group

London, England

United Kingdom

Dated: February 28, 2015

Subject: Invitation for the Wedding Ceremony of Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Dear Mr. John,

I am pleased to invite you to our grand wedding event at the St. Paul’s Cathedral London, England at exactly 1200pm. May I also ask you as our best man in our wedding, me and my wife would be so glad that you will be present  at our special day in our life.  The Event hall will be held at Buckingham Gardens; you and your family are all invited to our wedding

You and your families’ suit and shoes will be given a day prior to our wedding, and a private car will be at your home to be your personal transport in the venue. Just present a valid identification card and the wedding invitation to the driver. Once again we thank you in the deepest of our hearts, we hope to get your answer at soonest.


Mr. & Mrs. Smith