Vehicle Sale Agreement Letter

By | February 24, 2014


Mr. Danny Roots

33, Claytown, Mid Roads


14th October 2013

Subject: Vehicle Sale Agreement

Dear Mr. Danny Roots,

I am writing this letter with reference to the car sale agreement between Mr. Danny Roots (buyer) and Mr. Sandra Tress (seller).

I, Sandra Tress, resident of 67, Woodland Street, London, hereby gives the declaration that the car (Fiat Asterio Base Model), Reg No.K129, black colour, 2006 model, is wholly owned by me and there are no legal charges against it.

The car possesses black interiors of super quality along with a JVC music player with amplifier and speakers. It also possesses the internal security system and interlock system. The odometer reading is 21, 50,000. The car has got other luxuries including a fridge, glass holder, cushion embedded seat covers, etc. The car is dent free with only few scratches. All four tyres of the car are new and are in perfect condition. The car has no accidental background. It is a one hand driven car and was regularly taken for its service sessions.

The final price for sale of the car was settled at $67,000.

The buyer, Mr. Danny Roots, resident of 33, Claytown, Mid Roads, London has inspected the car in its present condition and no claims regarding defects will be made thereafter.

As decided, the buyer needs to pay the full amount till 1st November 2013, failing which will lead to the cancellation of the agreement. The transfer of the ownership of the vehicle will be followed by the receiving of full amount.

Yours Truly,

Sandra Tress