Tenancy Agreement Letter

By | February 21, 2014


Miss Candace Creator

339, Grand Road, West Side

New York

15th November 2013

Subject: Tenancy Agreement Letter

Dear Miss Creator,

I am writing this letter to initiate a tenancy agreement between you and me. I, Robert Bruise, hereby declare that I am the owner of 40, Wane Road, New York and as requested by you, I am willing to give you my apartment on rent for a time period of one year.

As discussed earlier, the rent of the apartment per month will be $1200 and it is required to be paid by 4th of every month. Please note that the electricity and water consumption bill of the apartment is not included in the rental amount. This amount needs to be paid along with the rent.

A security deposit amount of $1500 needs to be submitted by you with the first month rent. Any damage to the apartment will be deducted from the security amount. The security deposit will be returned to you at the end of the contract in case of zero damage to our property.

The contract will begin on 1st December 2013 and will end on 30th November 2014. In case you want to end the contract early, you need to give a one month prior notice, failing which will result in non reversal of the security deposit amount.

You need to submit the security deposit and the first month rent of the apartment by 25th November 2013 before entering the agreement.

We hope to you have a peaceful and happy stay in our apartment.

Yours Truly,

Robert Bruise