Bill Markson

D-89, second floor, Tim building, Mortal road

New York, USA

Date: 28th Feb 2014

Subject: rental lease agreement letter

Dear Mr. Bill

I, William White am writing this letter to you in order to inform you about the terms and conditions of the rental lease agreement that is to be signed between you, the TENANT and me, the LANDLORD of the commercial office space that you would like to rent. Consider this letter to be a formal agreement document and kindly sign the terms and seal the agreement.

Effective date of agreement: 15th March 2014

Termination date of agreement: 15th March 2015

Effective term: 1 year

Rent of commercial office space per month: $500

Address of space: 123, Franklin, Street, New York, USA

Facilities provided: electricity, water supply, internet connection

Terms and conditions

  • The TENANT shall use the space only for commercial or business activity and not for any other use.
  • The TENANT cannot sublease the property to any third part of person without the knowledge of the LANDLORD.
  • The LANDLORD remains the ‘OWNER’ of the property during the effective period of contract but the responsibility of maintenance and service of the space is of the TENANT’s.
  • The TENANT shall be making rent payments within the first week of each month.
  • In case of late payment, the TENANT shall be charged $50 for subsequent weeks.
  • The LANDLORD holds the right to visit and inspect the property, but only after permission from the TENANT.

Looking forward to your reply and this association

William White