Mr. Carter Thomas

45, Victor Street

Park Avenue, New Jersey

United States

5th February, 2014

Subject: Rental agreement between Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Williams

Dear Mr. Thomas

My name is Gerard Faulkner and I am writing this letter on behalf of Maureen Real Estate Agents Pvt. Ltd. This is regarding the rental arrangement we have been processing between Mrs. Karen Williams (the party renting the property/ the tenant) and you (the party renting out the property/ the landlord). A similar letter has been forwarded to Mrs. Williams informing her of the details of the agreement.

The rental amount for the 2BHK condo located on 23rd Street, Park Ave, New Jersey has been fixed at $20000 per annum, as predetermined by both the parties. The tenant will pay the rent in four equal quarterly instalments. The tenant must get the approval of the landlord before making any changes to the property such as repairs or renovations etc. The landlord must ensure that the property is in good condition before it is handed over to the tenant for living. The rental agreement holds valid for 12 months with an option for renewal.

Based on the above mentioned terms of arrangement which have been agreed upon, an agreement has been prepared. We would like to inform you that we have scheduled a meeting on 7th February, 2014 in our office and would request you to be present to carry on the agreement signing process. Hoping to see you,


Mr. Carter Basin

Maureen Real Estate Agents Pvt. Ltd

Contact:  887676565