Mr. David Rose

143, Mitchell Drive

Brooklyn, New York


4th February, 2014

Subject: the purchase of an automobile agreement with Mr. J.N. Miller

Dear Mr. Rose

This letter, as discussed in our previous call, is regarding the terms of the purchase/ sale deal that has been made between us. It was a pleasure to hear from you and an even bigger pleasure to hear that you are interested in buying two of the catalogued automobiles in my collection. The automobiles have been precious to me and I believe you will take good care of them.

For your convenience is have enclosed with this letter detailed descriptions (beyond the scope of catalogue) of the automobiles you wish to purchase. As I informed you that the quoted amount of sale must be paid in two halves i.e. half on signing and half on handover of the automobiles. The automobiles will be serviced before handing over and will be in running condition. There are no dents or scratches on the vehicles as promised in the catalogue. Post handing over of the vehicles, the buyer holds sole responsibility of maintenance, insurance and repairs. The current insurance papers will also be handed over to the buyer.

Please go through the details, so that we can move forward with the agreement formalities. Kindly contact me for any further queries or meeting requirements. Also please do not hesitate in calling for an inspection of the vehicles; I shall be obliged to handle any of your concerns.

Thanking you

Mr. James N. Miller

Contact: 4257356