Mr. James Miles

Senior Manager

Brian Enterprises Co. Ltd

West Virginia, USA.

3rd February, 2014

Subject: Regarding the agreement for the sale of a property

Dear Mr. Miles

I am writing this letter regarding the property sale deal that I have been negotiating with you and this organisation. The property in question, that is, the office space located on the 5th Street, Wilson Corner, West Virginia, USA, is ready to be handed over to your organisation once the agreement is finalised.

Regarding the agreement I would like to reiterate on a few terms of the arrangement. All the required repair works on the property of sale have been carried out as per the specifications of the buyer. Further work/ renovation are the responsibility of the buyer himself/ herself. The buyer will not be allowed to use the business name previously located on the property, the seller retains sole right to the name and goodwill. After the completion of the set up of the new business as suited to the buyer, he/ she must find employment opportunity for previous employees of the location. The buyer has made an advance payment and the rest of the predetermined sale price must be paid to the seller on signing of the agreement.

I request you to kindly initiate the process of agreement drafting so that we can move on to signing of the same. Please contact me as soon as the agreement is ready to fix up a meeting. I will be available on my personal contact and through email as well.

Thanking you

Mr. John Herbs

Contact: 43657568