Non -Disclosure Agreement Letter

By | May 20, 2014


Peter Bailish

Vice President

Jonathan and Pearson International

D-67, west timothy street, London

United Kingdom

Date: 12th April 2014

Subject: non-disclosure agreement letter

Dear Sir,

I, William Brown am writing this letter to you in order to seal the terms of the non- disclosure business agreement that was discussed between your organisation and Will and Bill Corporation. As per our previous meeting’s discussion and settlement, we have come down to a few terms, which we hope are in agreement with you.  Kindly read the following clauses and sign the formal agreement enclosed with this letter to finalize the business deal.

Date of commencement of agreement: 20th April 2014

Effective term: 1 year

Terms and conditions:

  • Jonathan and Pearson, herein the SELLER agrees to sell wallpaper material to Will and Bill Corporation, herein the BUYER for a period of 1 year on contract basis.
  • The BUYER shall be placing orders as per need and requirement and then the SELLER would be transporting the entire order within a time period of 1 week to the warehouse address of the BUYER.
  • The SELLER agrees to give a discount of 13.5% on all wallpaper material as long as this agreement is effective.
  • The BUYER holds the right to return any damaged materials to the SELLER and request replacement.
  • This is the Non-disclosure agreement and none of the parties hold the right to disclose any information to a third party or person.

Please let us know if you need any changes to be made.

Thanking you

William Brown

Senior executive

Will and Bill Corporation