Mr. Patrick Turpin,

52 Tebrok Rd,


London, NH 02582

15th July 2012

Subject: Lease Agreement letter.

Dear Mr. Turpin,

I am writing this letter in reference to the discussion we had last week for taking my premises located on 78, Square Street, London on lease and I am glad to give you my premises on lease for a period of five years. As agreed by you during our last meeting I have fixed the lease amount as 25000pounds for the period of lease. The lease period begins from 1st of July, 2012. The lease can be terminated by either of the parties to the lease by giving a notice of two months.

I permit to undertake an inspection of the premises so as to ascertain its condition anytime during this week. I have renovated the premises recently and expect you to maintain the premises in good condition. Also you will have to bear the maintenance and utility bill charges according to usage every month.

Please go through the lease agreement enclosed along with this letter for further details. In case of any query or clarification you can please feel free to call me on 987766-8776.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely,

Hardy Trevor