Ms. Jenna Gilbert

456, Pearson Street

Jacksonville- 12098

New Orleans, USA.

2nd February, 2014

Subject: Regarding the details of an agreement for the sale of a land

Dear Ms. Gilbert

I am James Morrison and I am writing this letter to discuss the details of an agreement. The said agreement concerns the land sale you have finalised with Durham Estate Developers Ltd. We have had prior meetings and the land which is cited as to be used for commercial purposes has been approved by the developers.

In order to proceed further with the plans we need to finalise the deal and sign the agreement. As per our discussions we have prepared a draft agreement. Some of the main and most important clauses of the agreement include the amount for which is land purchased, the shares to be allotted to the seller in the commercial venture and the division of legal fees. Besides these I would like to use this letter as medium and mention further terms that the land is to be handed over to the buyer in the condition as presented in the meeting and that the seller ceases all proprietary rights over the property.

We have prepared an agreement as per the above mentioned and other pre decided terms, a copy of which in enclosed with this letter. Please take a look at it and contact us to fix a meeting for signing.


Mr. James Morrison

Senior Manager

Durham Estate Developer

Contact No.: 4256526

Email Address: