Job Contract Agreement Letter

By | May 21, 2014


Rachel Weiss

A-90, fourth floor, potter’s enclave

London, UK

Date: 30th March 2014

Subject: job contract agreement letter

Miss Weiss

I, Jack Daniels am writing this letter to you on behalf of Creative Lines Limited in light of your recent appointment at this company at the position of Assistant Creative Head. Through the means of this letter, Creative Lines would like to lay down a few terms and conditions of employment which will legally bind you to by an employee of this company for the coming year. Kindly read the terms of the agreement and send us a signed copy of the same within one week.

Commencement of job: 15th April 2014

Effective period of bond: 1 year

Salary per month: $1000

Terms and conditions of employment:

  • The EMPLOYEE, Rachel Weiss is bound to be an employee of this EMPLOYER, Creative Lines for one year from commencement date.
  • The EMPLOYER shall be paying the monthly salary in the form of cheque on the 7th day of each month.
  • The EMPLOYEE will be sent a written job portfolio and would be expected to work according to it.
  • The EMPLOYEE cannot seek or take employment at any other entity during the effective period of job contract.
  • The EMPLOYER holds the right to terminate the contract in case of breach on the part of the EMPLOYEE.
  • The EMPLOYEE is entitled to 20 paid leaves in this period of employment.

Hope you have gone through the terms and agree to employment.

Looking forward to having you as a part of Creative Lines

Jack Daniels

HR manager