David J,

3rd Year Physics,

College of Basic Science and Applied Science,


Date: 4th December 2010

Sub: Internship Agreement Letter

Dear David,

In accordance with the SOP submitted by you, we are happy to announce that you are selected as an intern in our organization. We would like to welcome you to the team from 15th December, 2013. Also, would like to state that you are selected on the basis of your academic percentage. Meaning, the similar hard work is expected from you in giving your efforts to the team.

As you are aware that our institute is known to present to the world, the best scientists, the quality of work is regarded the highest. You shall be an intern in a team of 12 members assisting Prof. Dr. James D., HOD, Department of Robotics. The R&D project handled by him and his team has won him laurels and is also patent for the many findings and research work.

The terms and conditions of the internship are as follows:

  • The internship is for duration of 6 months in Project – “Goal.”
  • An intern pay of $50 is accounted on the 1st of every month.
  • Institute works from 9 am to 4 pm excluding the weekends. Weekends are an off.
  • Formal dressing is mandatory in the boundaries of the institute.

On the day of joining kindly get the photocopy of all the academic report sheets along with the 5 passport sized photographs.

Best Regards,

Prof. Mr. George Dsouza,

Institute for Applied Science and Electronics,

#61, Gourmet Street,