Mr. Brad Brouke,

44, park-yard street,

Sang villa road,

New York

14th November 2013

Subject: Approval of the Loan Application

Dear Mr. Brouke,

This letter is to confirm the approval of the loan application filed by you with our company, ‘Grey Caterers’ situated at 47, Sweleng Street, New York.

We acknowledge the fact that you are serving our company since last 8 years at the post of the ‘Costumer dealing officer’. We have always appreciated the honesty and sincerity shown by you and hence we are fully satisfied with your services and are obliged to have an employee like you.

You applied for a loan application with us on 10th November 2013. We understand that you are facing financial crises after a theft in your house and are in urgent need of the requested loan for your children college admission.

We, at Grey Caterers, believe in maintaining relationships with our employees and feel that putting your child’s future on stake just because you are short of finances will be wrong. Hence, keeping your past records in mind the management have decided to sanction you a loan amount of $67000 to you for a time period of 3 years at an interest rate of 9%.

An amount in accordance to this will be deducted every month from your total salary amount for the contract period. Please note that you are not allowed to quit the job till the time you pay back your entire borrowed loan amount.

Yours Truly,

Dave Peterson

(Head, Loans Department, Grey Caterer)