Miss Ashley Simpson,

48, Surrey Street,

Walor Town,

New Jersey.

23 September 2013

Subject: Employment Agreement Letter

Dear Ms. Simpson,

This agreement is to confirm your engagement as the ‘Website Developer’ of our company, ‘Greek IT Technologies and Software Development’ situated at 23, Vulla Street, New Jersey. The contract will begin on 1st October 2013 and will end on 30th September 2014.  You will be paid $34, 000 as your monthly salary amount.

Your key duties during the job will include carrying out a deep research on the assigned topic by the client, framing a unique design for the website, development of the website and giving it a finished look with the additional animations etc. Acknowledgement and improvement of any short comings in the website marked by the Testing Department will be your responsibility. You are also responsible for the handling bugs and errors in the website, in case of any customer complaints.

As per the clause of the contract signed between us you need to work for us for a period of one year failing which will be regarded as the violation of the terms of the agreement. This can further result in legal actions against you. However, in case you wish to end the contract early due to some unavoidable reasons, you can do so by giving a one month prior notice to us.

In case of any query you can please contact us on 7900-9877.

Good Luck!

Lucy Clinton

( HR Manager, Greek IT Technologies and Software Development)