A child support agreement letter is a letter which is written to seal and discuss the terms of a child support agreement.  These letters decide how a couple will be handling their child and will look after his/her needs after the divorce is finalized.  A sample of this agreement letter is given below.

Sample Child Support Agreement Letter:


Ralph Lauren

Jackson Street, 345, London

Date: 30th March 2014

Subject: child support agreement letter

Dear Mr. Lauren,

I, Jack Mathews am writing this letter to you on behalf of Jennifer Aniston to discuss the terms of the child support agreement. My client has agreed to the following given terms and clauses and if you too agree to these, kindly send a written confirmation of the same so that an official agreement can be formed.

Effective date of child support agreement:  1st May 2014

Details of parties

Father of child: Ralph Lauren

Mother of child: Jennifer Aniston

Name of the child: Sarah Lauren

Clauses of the child support agreement:

  • The father of the child will be responsible for providing for 70% of the child expenses including education till the age of 18, clothing, medical costs and future savings.
  • The mother of the child will be responsible for providing for 30% of the child expenses including everyday costs, pocket money and for basic amenities and facilities.
  • The child will be living with the father but will have the right to visit the mother whenever both parties agree to it.

Waiting for your confirmation

Thanking you

Jack Mathews

Lawyer of Jennifer Aniston

ABC Law Firm