Business Purchase Agreement Letter

By | May 20, 2014


Kelly Markson

Business development manager

Valium International Corporation

F-56, first floor, Potter enclave, London


Date: 23rd March 2014

Subject: proposing terms of the business purchase agreement

Dear Miss Markson

This letter is in reference to your business proposal letter that was received by us on 20th March 2014. We have decided to agree to your proposal and as requested, would like to propose a few terms and conditions for our future together as business associates.  Kindly read the following terms and let us know if you need any changes to be made.

Date of commencement: 1st April 2014

Effective period of agreement: 24 months

First party: Valium international corporation (SELLER)

Second party: William Inc. (BUYER)

Terms and conditions:

  • The SELLER agrees to sell wooden furniture products to the BUYER for a period of 2 years on contract basis.
  • During the length of this agreement, the BUYER shall be placing orders of the products for retail purpose and the SELLER would be responsible for getting the bulk order ready within 10 days of order.
  • In case of any damaged goods or items, the BUYER will hold the right to return the furniture pieces and can demand replacement.
  • The BUYER shall be making payment for each order after receiving the order and will avail a discount of 15% on all orders.

These terms are framed keeping in mind the specifications mentioned by you in your proposal and we hope that you are in agreement. Please let us know about your decision.

Thanking you

Jack Parkson

William Inc.