Agreement Rejection Letter

By | September 13, 2013


James Peterson

Sales and Procurement in charge

Filet sales Corp,

Mandarin Road,

6 Knightsbridge,

London SW1X 7LA, United Kingdom.

7th November 2012

Subject: Agreement rejection letter

Dear Mr. James,

With reference to your agreement dated on 24th October 2012, we hereby decline to oblige the draft agreement. The clause inserted in the agreement on payment modes and few other clauses are not in line with what we had discussed earlier.

Coming to the advertising and promotion of the products, we would like to include broader methods to improve sales. We had discussed upon promotional channels being social media, networking sites, articles, magazine and posters. Whereas your agreement specifies only two channels, one being articles and other being posters. We would like you to follow the standards specified by us.

Payment modes: Please recollect that as per our discussion your company has agreed for payment duration of two months. But in the draft agreement the payment duration has been specified as 15 days which is not acceptable.

We are hereby forced to reject the agreement drafted by your company and request submission of a modified one at the earliest with inclusion of points specified above.


Tom Shaw


Shaw Manufacturing units Ltd