Agreement Contract Letter

By | September 12, 2013


Mr. Gary Cox,

Senior Manager,

#45, Abbott Technologies,

United Kingdom

15th October 2010

Subject: Agreement contract letter.

Dear Gary,

As per all our discussion, we have decided to engage business with your company and our company has decided to give you a project which would be for an inbound process.

Before we go further into the agreement, we would like to state our terms of the contract. This is a one hundred seater project and we would like to make sure that your company is equipped to handle the same. Also we would be expecting an average call time of 15 minutes per call and exceeding which we would not make payment. We require the quality of the project to be above 98% accuracy as this is a high net worth client for our company. Also we will be giving two opportunities to correct the errors. Even after the two opportunities if the quality accuracy falls below the said percentage then we will be compelled not to pay for the work done.

The other terms and conditions of the contract and the payment details are given in the enclosed document. We would expect you to go through the same and provide a response so that we can move further.

Best of luck for your future endeavours.

With best Regards,

Darren Peters

ABC Limited