When a vendor wishes to work for a company and has sent a letter proposing business between the duo, the company sends back to the vendor, an official letter of acceptance in acceptance of the proposal. The letter confirms the acceptance and states the terms and conditions on which the vendor and the company are to work after they begin their tryst.

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George Simpson,

Fugen Enterprises.

200 E Main  Street

Tuscan, AZ 85123



Letter Accepting the Proposal of Vendor

Neville Williams,

Mechwiz Enterprises,

300 Boylston Avenue E

Tuscan, AZ 85123


Subject: This is a letter written by Fugen Enterprises to the Mechwiz Enterprises accepting the latter’s proposal to act as a vendor to the company for an upcoming project.

Dear Mr. Williams,

I am writing this letter on behalf of my company Fugen Enterprises. Through this letter, I would like to inform you that we are happy to accept the proposal that you have laid out to us in your previous letter to us. We would like you to be our new vendors for the project ___________ of ours that is to begin on the date of ________________.

We would like you to work with us for the term of ____________ until the completion of the project.

Here are the terms that we would expect you to follow while working with us on this project.

_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (state the terms and conditions).

Do not hesitate to contact us on any further queries.


George Simpson,

_____________ (contact number).