Tender Acceptance Letter

By | May 15, 2014


Robert Parkson,

Managing director,

Peter Enterprises

H-56, Friends tower, hill road

West London, United Kingdom

Date: 3rd April, 2014

Subject: tender acceptance letter

Dear Mr. Parkson

This is to inform you to that the London State Government has accepted your tender proposal that was submitted by you and received by us on 20th March 2014. After careful consideration of you proposal and your supporting documents, we have decided to choose you as the official carpet manufacturer for the carpeting of all Embassy offices in London.  Peter Enterprises has a good market reputation and long record of offering high quality services and due to these reasons; we were more convinced of our decisions.

Carpeting is an important part of any interior space and moreso in the case of government owned buildings. The London embassy and immigration offices were last carpeted 10 years back and need changes and replacements. This tender acceptance gives you the right to suggest measure and provide us with floor to floor carpets for all the offices that need changes on an urgent basis. This will be an ongoing process and we expect it to be completed within 6 months.

As per your proposal letter, we accept the rate per foot of carpets and will be sending you a formal agreement shortly to seal the terms. Kindly read all the terms and conditions of the agreement carefully and send us the signed documents as soon as possible.  We are looking forward to this association.

Thanking you,

William Black,

London Government