Mr. David Corner

Deputy Operating Officer

The Bridgestone Council for Lawyers

1112, Willow Creek

New York, USA.

9th February, 2014

Subject: Letter to confirm acceptance of the seminar invitation.

Dear Mr. Corner

This is to inform you that I have received the invitation for the 23rd annual Bridgestone Lawyers Seminar. It was a surprise to hear that the seminar will be held at The Monique instead of the regular location – The Grand. Irrespective, it is always a pleasure to be amidst the best lawyers of the city and the council, so take this as my acceptance to the seminar.

The invitation also asked for the invitees plus one. But I’d like to let you know that no plus one will be accompanying me to the seminar. I will only be bringing in two members of my immediate staff. I have noted the itinerary of the seminar days and am really looking to the speech by key note speaker Justice Rolland. There is only one glitch though. I have an ongoing case, dates of which may clash with the seminar dates and due to this I might get delayed in reaching the seminar.

I will be there no later than the evening of the first day of the seminar. I hope that you will be making all the necessary arrangement to make the stay pleasant for all the lawyers attending. I look forward to meeting you, the other council members and all my fellow lawyers at the event.

With Pleasure

Mr. Jamie Wilton

Senior Advocate

Contact: 2531326