Resignation Acceptance Letter

By | June 22, 2013

Before sending formal letters such as a resignation acceptance letter you have to make sure that you follow the company policy regarding resignations. This letter is an answer to a resignation letter received. It is meant to indicate the acceptance and acknowledgment of the resignation and offers advice to the resigning employee regarding the exit processes. It is important for such a letter to include:

Sample Resignation Acceptance Letter:

Name of the sender

Position of the sender

Company name

Name of the receiver

Address of the receiver


Dear Sir/Madam

Your resignation letter from the (job title, department, division) position, effective from (the date when the resignation becomes effective which is approved by the HR department) has been accepted.

According to the contract of employment that you signed you will have to work until (date of the last day that the employee has to work on). In this period of time you will have to respect the conditions of the employment contract and I would be happy if you maintained the high working standards that you had until now in this time period as well.

(Specific procedures that need to be done in this time period such as returning the company car, company equipment, final pay details, completion of expenses, and so on).

(Add the date of the final interview, the time, and the name of the interviewer.)

I wish to thank you for your efforts and contributions during the time that you have been working with us and I wish you only the best for the future.

Yours sincerely

Name of sender