When considering the business environment the proposal acceptance letter refers to a letter sent by one company to the other in which they communicate that the previously received proposal has been accepted. By informing the other company of the good news, the two companies will have better business collaborations. This is a good way to let the other company know that you appreciate their effort regarding the proposal and besides letting them know that you accept the proposal, this way you will also initiate communication with them.

Sample Proposal Acceptance Letter:

Name (recipient)

Position held by the recipient

Name of the recipient company

Address of the recipient company

Dear (name of the recipient)

I am glad to let you know regarding the business proposal received on (date) from (company name of the recipient) that it has been accepted by our company and we agree to collaborate with your company according to the norms mentioned. Thank you very much for your proposal as we waited for a long time for an offer of this kind.

In order to start working with your company, there is need for clarifications and some documents to come up with a strategy which is advantageous for both parties. Please mail us the endorsements and catalogue of your products for us to gain a better understanding.

You can contact us at (official email address of the sender company)

Once again, thank you for your proposal and we are looking forward to working with your company and we hope that this will be the beginning of the mutually advantageous and long-lasting business partnership.

Yours sincerely

Name of sender