When a project has been assigned to a company or an individual and he accepts the proposal that has been laid out to him, it is confirmed by a Project Proposal Acceptance Letter. Along with the confirmation of the acceptance and an expression of gratitude, the letter usually contains the details of the project along with any terms and conditions that are to be followed.

James Smith

34, Charles Street

Baltimore, Maryland

Zip Code: 21218

Letter accepting a project proposal

Linda Klein

Megasystems Inc.

600 North Charles Street,

Baltimore, Maryland

Zip Code: 21201

Subject:  Acceptance of the project that has been assigned to James Smith by Linda Klein on behalf of Megasystems Inc.

Dear Ms Klein,

I have gone over the previous letter which you have sent me with the project proposal. I’m happy to accept. Thank you for entrusting me with the current project from Megasystems Inc. that you have, which deals with _________________________ . You can be assured that I will be doing the best that I can in order to finish this project as efficiently as possible.

I’ve gathered from your letter, that these are the terms and conditions that I will need to stick to while I’m working on this project for you. (list out all the terms and conditions of the said proposal).


I just want to clarify some things about the (list out all the things you want to clarify from the client).



James Smith,

__________________ (Contact Number).