Project Acceptance Letter

By | May 17, 2014


Mr. David Chance

New Opportunities Enterprises

New York, USA.

14th February, 2014

Subject: Project acceptance letter

Respected Mr. Chance

This letter is in reference to the project proposal you had submitted with the New York offices of our organisation in a presentation on the 8th of February 2014. We would like to inform you that this project proposal has been accepted by our business and we shall invest in your project. The tune of the investment is yet to be decided by the board of directors but we hope this is a cause for celebration anyway.

All the members of the organisation present at the 8th Feb. meeting were really impressed by the amount of talent and dedication that was portrayed in your presentation. They took the project proposal and analysed it. When they found it to be of quality they approached the senior officials and presented them with the proposal. After the close scrutiny of the proposal and the books of your current business the board of directors have decided to back your project. But before we proceed with the process of investment and project development, a few points need to clarified and talked about. The directors would thus like to meet with you to discuss the amount of investment, the role of the investors in the arrangement and other financial details.

Please contact the office to fix a meeting suitable to you and our board of directors. We hope that this will be the beginning of a new business venture beneficial for all parties involved.

With Regards

Senior Manager

Parton Enterprises Ltd.