Program Acceptance Letter

By | May 19, 2014


Mrs. Hillary Swamp

Program Controller and Manager

Minnesota University

Minnesota, USA.

8th February, 2014

Subject: Acceptance letter for the MBA program offered at the university.

Dear Mrs. Swamp

It was a great pleasure to hear from the university and to get into the MBA program offered here. I have worked really hard to get into the program and I am very excited to be a part of this prestigious and legendary institution. I have received an unconditional offer to the program, dated 5th of February 2014. The letter stated the deadline by which the offer must be accepted is 15 days from receiving the offer, and I am accepting the offer well in advance.

The offer letter also stated the amount of the fees that I have to submit so as to make the acceptance official and block a seat for myself. Enclosed with this letter is a cheque for the exact amount of the first instalment of my fees. Furthermore I was asked to send in a few original documents so that the admission process could be completed. As asked the original copies of all the required documents (as stated in the letter) are also enclosed with this letter.

I am hoping that this letter will reach you in time and that my admission to the program will be confirmed following this acceptance letter and the submission of the fees. Please keep me posted on the progress of my acceptance to the university so that I can make other arrangement.

Thanks and Regards

Ms. Jenna James

New Orleans, USA.