Organization Acceptance Letter

By | May 17, 2014


Noelle Martin

Brain Street, Fortune Apartment

House Number 32



3RD May 2014

Subject: Organization acceptance letter

Dear Mr. Martin,

I, Andrew Charles, Hiring Manager of Glorious Enterprises Limited, would like to inform you that you have been accepted as a new member of our esteemed organisation. This is in reference to the application letter for the post of an assistant manager that you have submitted to our organisation on 25th April 2014. Your acceptance has been done after the careful review of your interest and the application form and the Board of Directors have agreed to employ you for the said post.

Our organisation is known for its skilled employees and academic excellence. Your acceptance to the post of an assistant manager demands that you will have to contribute with the best of your assistive abilities, work during the flexible shifts, cooperate with the co-workers and staff members and hence contribute significantly towards the growth of the organisation. We are confident that you would live up to the expectations that your post put forwards and would cooperate with the organisational works and duties.

Enclosed with this letter is an organisation confirmation form that you need to review, sign and send us back. We would appreciate a prompt reply from you so that we can proceed with the training procedures. We congratulate you upon your acceptance and we look forward to achieve excellence from you. If you wish to seek any kind of information, please feel free to contact on 45949493.

Thanking you.


Andrew Charles

Hiring Manager

Glorious Enterprises Limited