Sarah Joseph

Business relations manager

Billy group of companies

334, 8th floor, Markson building,

Model enclave, New York

Date: 19th March 2014

Subject: meeting acceptance letter

Dear Miss Joseph,

This letter is in reference to your meeting proposal letter which was sent to Perkson Manufacturers on 17th March 2014. I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Jackson; the Vice President of the company has accepted the proposal and is looking forward to the business meeting with the representatives from Billy Group of Companies.

As per your letter, you wanted us to decide on a suitable date and Mr. Jackson has suggested 25th March being a good date for the meeting if it suits you as well. We understand that the meeting to be conducted is crucial for the association of both the companies and hence our company’s finance advisor too shall be part of the meeting.  All necessary paperwork shall be ready by the date of the meeting and a copy of our company’s policies and principles shall be sent to you in advance. We expect you too to be ready with the important paperwork and agendas so that no time is wasted on the day of the meeting.

We believe that the meeting shall be held at the head office of your organisation at 9 am and we will make sure that we reach there on time. Please feel free to contact me on the details given below, for any further queries or discussion matters.

Thanking you,

Pearl Markson,

Secretary to Jonathan Jackson

Perkson Manufacturers