Law School Acceptance Letter

By | May 17, 2014


Mr. Henry De Plaza

44, Clarkson Street

Park Avenue, Chicago

United States.

13th February, 2014

Subject: Acceptance letter to the law program at Harvard

Dear Mr. De Plaza

We are writing this letter to inform you that the Harvard Law School has accepted your application for admission to the law program at the university. We have gone through your LSATs, your previous transcripts, recommendation and other relevant details. After closely scrutinising the details of you application we have come to the conclusion that you are suitable for our law program and we would like to have you join us in the summer session of 2014.

Getting into Harvard Law is the biggest dream for all of our applicants, and your dream is just about to come true. The Harvard law program is the best over the world and we teach our students to be the best. To accept this offer of admission, send in your reply to the admission committee of our institution. Once we receive your confirmation, we will update you on the procedure that must be followed to secure the position. We must inform you that if we do not receive any response from you within the next 4 days we shall grant your spot to other deserving candidate.

So please inform us to the earliest possible about your decision regarding this program and your impeding admission here. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon,

With Regards

Mr. James Edward

Admission Committee Head

Harvard Law, Boston.

Email: j_edwards@hls.uni