A Job Proposal Acceptance Letter is a letter that is written by an employee to a company. The company would have placed a job proposal to the employee and the employee is writing to confirm his acceptance of the job. In addition to the confirmation of acceptance of the position, the letter re-states all the terms and conditions of the job in question.

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John Smith

200 E Main Street

Seattle, WA, 98104


Letter of Job Acceptance

Jane Waldorf

Megasystems Inc.

300 Boylston AVE E

Seattle, WA, 98104

Subject: Letter accepting the job offer of _______________ (the position taken up) at Megasystems Inc.

Dear Mrs Waldorf,

Thank you for the offer of the position as _________________ (Name of the position taken up by the employee) in your company. I’m happy to accept the offer.

I’m of the understanding that my salary begins at__________  per annum and my immediate supervisor will be considering a salary increase after I’ve demonstrated expertise in the projects undertaken by me.

The joining date of ___________  as assigned by you is acceptable to me and I’m looking forward to meeting you on ________________ [the joining date].

I’ve gathered from your letter, that these are the other terms and conditions that I will need to stick to while I’m working in this position for the company. (list out all the terms and conditions of the job position that has been taken up).



John Smith,

______________________ (Contact Number).