When you have the opportunity to be offered the job of your dreams or to be selected from a large number of applicants for such a job, writing a good job acceptance letter is highly expected of you. For example the employer will ask you to offer information such as the date you will start on the job or ask if certain aspects like the salary are clear for you.  It is expected of you to show appreciation for being selected and also offer confirmation that you agree with the terms of employment as in the example presented below

Sample Job Acceptance Letter:

Your name ( starting with the first name)

Your address: (no, street, city, zip or postal code)

Your Phone
Date ( better use the expedition date)


Employer’s Representative( HR person, manager, etc…)

His/Her position inside the company

The name and address of the company

Dear Sir/ Madam

I have the honor of formally accepting the position ( the one you applied for or was offered to you) with your company( write the company name). I am very enthusiastic about the chance to join your team and I am eager to contribute to the welfare of your company.

As previously discussed over the phone my salary will be ( amount) and I will benefit from ( mention the benefits you were offered additionally to payment – car, computer, health insurance, dentist plan, etc…)

I am looking forward to start my activity and I will be present at work starting with ( date).

Please let me know if there is any additional information you require from me prior to this date and also let me know if I need to fill any forms or paperwork related to my position.

If you require anything else from me I am available at (give your phone number)


Your name


handwritten signature