Invitation Acceptance Letter

By | June 22, 2013

The main purpose of an acceptance letter is to answer an invitation expressing your availability and willingness to attend a given event. In this case it is important for the response to be brief and timely. First of all a letter of this kind should express your appreciation for the invitation. In the second part you should mention briefly the details of the event; it is a good idea to reiterate the details. In the end you have to confirm that you will attend the event and maybe say a little something about your expectations. It is important to use a positive tone to express your honor and pleasure of receiving the invitation.

Sample Invitation Acceptance Letter:

Name of sender

Address of sender

Zip code of sender

Phone number of sender

Name of receiver

Address of receiver

Zip code of receiver

Dear (name),

My wife and I are more than happy about your engagement. We are very pleased to find out that you wish us to be there with you in such an important moment of your life.

We will be in (location of the event) a couple of days prior to your engagement where we will be visiting (the person who is visited), so there is nothing stopping us from participating on (date and time) at (location of the event). We are very excited about meeting your fiancé (name of fiancé) and we would like to congratulate the both of you in person.

We are looking forward to seeing you and meeting your fiancé.


Name of the sender