Fellowship Acceptance Letter

By | May 17, 2014


Ms. Lucy Grace Hart

123, Barton Street

Greater View Region

Pennsylvania, USA.

12th February, 2014

Subject: Acceptance to the Hopkins Fellowship Program

Dear Ms. Grace Hart

It is our utmost pleasure to inform you that your application for the fellowship program at the John Hopkins Medical Institution has been accepted. Of the sea of applications we received we have shortlisted 6 students/ individuals to be accepted as the Hopkins Fellows for the year 2014 and you are one of them. It is a great honour to be associated with this program, which is one of the most long standing program and one of the most prestigious institutions in the country.

Along with this letter are enclosed the details of the institution, the place we are located in and a series of other details that may be relevant to the fellows studying and working here. We hope you will be joining us this year and will learn as much as you can for the period of your association with us. To accept the offer to this fellowship program contact the under mentioned signatory or the admissions council of the institute.

You must confirm your decision to join us within 10 days of receiving this letter. In case you fail to reply the admission shall stand withdrawn and passed on to someone else. So make sure you reply as soon as possible, looking forward to your reply

With Regards

Mrs Hannah Wellstone

Head of Admissions Council

John Hopkins Medical Institution

Washington D.C., USA

Email : wellstonehannah@jhi.org