When two parties get into a contract regarding a deal or a project between them, it can terminated by either party for any reason. However, when they wish to terminate the contract, they write a letter prior to it and the other party should write a contract termination acceptance letter such as this, so that the parties can agree on the termination.

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John Turner

Megasystems Inc.

200 E Main Street

Tuscan, AZ 85123

Letter Accepting the Termination of a Contract

Andrew Hansen

Ebiz Solutions

300 D Main Street

Tuscan AZ 85127

Subject: This letter is written by the concerned authority of Megasystems Inc. accepting the termination of a contract that was proposed by the concerned authority at Ebiz solutions.

Dear Mr.Hansen,

We have received your contract termination letter and we understand that you must end the contract since your project has come to an end. The company accepts the termination of the contract and I am writing on behalf of the company.

It was a pleasure for Megasystems Inc to be able to provide machinery for Ebiz solutions. The bills have all been cleared and the payment has all been done.

We would be glad to work with you in case of any other projects for which you might need our machinery in the future. In case you have any other uncleared issues with the work that we have already done for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.


John Turner,


___________ (contact number).