it is confirmed by the other company in the written form by the Contract Proposal Acceptance Letter. The details of the contract and the terms and conditions are mentioned in the letter along with the confirmation of the acceptance. A clarification regarding any further meetings to be held is also done with the letter.

Jeffrey Smith

2911 Russell Street

Berkeley, California

Zip Code: 94720

                                Letter accepting a contract proposal

Leslie Kopstein

Megasystems Inc.

1100 Hyde Park Blvd

Chicago, Illinois

Zip Code : 60615

Subject : Acceptance of a contract proposal that Jeffrey Smith has received from Leslie Kopstein on behalf of Megasystems Inc.

Dear Ms Kopstein,

I have gone over the previous letter in which you have sent me the proposal for a contract. I am happy to inform you that I am pleased to accept the terms of the contract which you have offered.

As I gather, here are the main points in which we have reached an agreement: (Insert all the details of the contract that should be listed out).


There however, are some other issues that I would like to have a clarification on, which I’d like to discuss in person with you at our scheduled meeting of _______ (date on which the meeting is to be held).

I am glad that we have come into agreement regarding this important matter.


Jeffrey Smith,

_____________ (Contact Number).