Follow Up Letter after Meeting

Follow up letter after meeting is a letter made for the evaluation of a conference or meeting in which the sender wants to accomplish out of it. It emphasizes the issue that has been raised and discussed after a conference and finds a resolution subsequent to it. Here is a sample: Sample Follow Up Letter after… Read More »

Medical Hardship Letter

Medical hardship letter is a letter sent to the credit collector or billing officer of a hospital in which the patient or the relatives had already exceeded the limit in the payment of the hospital bill and cannot pay the upcoming bills for the medical management of the patient. They plead to make an arrangement… Read More »

Follow Up Letter to Recruiter

Follow up letter to recruiter is a letter sent to employer to check his/her application for the available job that fits the applicant’s talent or course. It shows the interest of the applicant to the vacant job and let the recruiter or employer seek more attention to the candidate’s profile, here is a sample: To:… Read More »

Follow Up Letter after Thank You Letter

Follow up letter after thank you letter is a letter noted for sending an appreciation letter for the opportunity given to the sender, it is usually done in applicants who have just got their interview and following up the job they are applying to; its content is quite interested and seems desperate but in firm… Read More »

Follow Up Letter After Sending Resume

Follow up letter after sending resume is a letter sent to the employer after no response was given to an applicant after few days or weeks. The applicant is petitioning to the employer that he/she needs the job and highlighting his/her abilities and skills that the employer needs. Here is a sample: Sample Follow Up Letter… Read More »

Immigration Hardship Letter

Immigration hardship letter is a letter sent to the judge holding the case of an immigrant who is now at the verge of deporting back to his/her own country in which that person wants to stay in that specific country to help his/her own family or relative; the reasons may be financial, health, safety or… Read More »

Fundraising Appeal Letter

Fundraising appeal letter is a letter asking people and organizations to have a donation for supporting their projects and missions; this letter must tell the details of the sender and their purpose for the letter, it must be appealing and swaying the donors to give something for the organization, here is a sample: Sample Fundraising Appeal… Read More »

Follow Up Cover Letter

Follow up cover letter that can be used by an applicant to confirm the request for the job his/her applying. It is personal and polite to please the employer or the owner of the company, its sole purpose is to follow up, here is a sample: To: (Name of employer or owner of the company)… Read More »

New Year Letter to Employees

The New Year letter to employee is usually made by the employer or the management of the company. This is to greet their employees for the coming of the year while recognizing their accomplishments from the previous year. The New Year letter to employee is intended to maintain the good relationship and communication among the… Read More »

New Year Letter to Clients

The New Year letter to clients is an opportunity for the business or company to grow as well not only a means of greeting them. Letters to clients is a way to inform them of the promotions, new products and latest discounts that the company is offering during the New Year season. It is a… Read More »